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“Profit occurs when preparation and experience meet opportunity."

When it’s time to sell your property, are you confident that the key elements of marketing a home to the world--price, place, promotions, packaging, and presence--are set right? 

Start with theses resources below, which you can download for your review. These will help you begin thinking about your real estate situation and provide tips for achieving a stress-free sale. Imagine one home buyer looking at list of hundreds of Manila home listings and projects that are sold daily.  Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your property fit to be sold?
  • How do you get not only prospective buyers, but qualified buyers with serious intent and power to purchase? 
  • Have you identified your property's unique selling proposition?  How do you draw the right buyer to inquire about and view your house?
  • Are you well-represented by an attentive, professional Real Estate Broker who works and negotiates with your interests in mind? Can he help you sell well, within the parameters you have agreed on?
  • How do you know if the sale has been completely and properly documented?
  • Are you sure that all your obligations as a seller have been legally and socially complied with, leaving with you peace of mind?

The Philippine real estate markets in Alabang, Bonifacio Global City and Makati City are volatile but full of opportunity for the prepared seller.  The right buyers are out there.  To find them, work with our professional Real Estate Brokers and their team of affiliates to move your Manila property quickly, professionally, and profitably.

When you’ve decided to sell, our team at Architerra Manila Properties will be your competent allies.  Selling a home--whether it be a single home or a large estate long-held by several families--is a very personal and sometimes emotional event.  Recognizing the possible complexities of the process, we apply competence,  local territory experience, and sensitivity to cross-cultural and social influences in the negotiations.  Benefit from our years of experience in marketing and real estate, balanced with the Asian penchant to help you sell the property with efficiency and effectivity.

Contact our Licensed Real Estate Broker at Architerra Manila Properties. Let us talk about how you want to sell your property.  We aim to help you find the right buyer, and to close the sale in peace. 


Home Seller Reports


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